Gunalchéesh aan yátxʼu sáani.   Thank you, precious children of the land.

Haa yoo x̱'atángí náakw yáx̱ yatee.  Our language is like medicine.

Gunalchéesh haa shuka.  Gunalchéesh haa shagoon.  Gunalchéesh haa kusteeyí.

One of my teachers has a saying, "Change the things you cannot accept"

It is unacceptable to exist in a space and time where we aren't being persecuted for practicing our culture, our heritage, or speaking our language, and not doing everything we can to relearn, reclaim and revitalize it.   

It is unacceptable that haa shagoon - our ancestors, held onto these precious gifts despite all efforts to remove them, and not pick up what they carried so carefully for us. 

It is unacceptable that one's own individual lack of knowledge or understanding of our culture, be a barrier that future generations have to face. 

Respect begins and ends with oneself.  It is carrying onesself in a way which honours our ancestors by doing everything we can to receive the gifts they have carried for us, so that they may be available for future generations.  It is conducting onesself in a way which resist harmful colonial worldviews and behaviors which cause us to step outside haa kusteeyí. It is understanding, that respecting others doesn't mean agreeing with them.  It is recognizing that we are all unique in our experiences and understandings, and taking a moment to listen and hear about the experiences and perspectives of others can only enrich our own understanding of the world around us.  

This site is intended to honour the gifts of our ancestors, and support the carrying forward of the knowledge they held onto, for future generations.  Special gratitude and recognition goes to the families of the following people who took special care to record their knowledge so that Łingít kusteeyí could be shared with those who are here today, and will be here tomorrow.  

Elizabeth Nyman | Antonia Jack | Jackie Williams | Mable Johnson | Eva Carlick | Helen Ward | Evelyn Jack | Edward Jack | Billy Williams | James Ward | Sylvester Jack | Lucy Wren | Allan Carlick | Helen Lindsay | Rose Johnson | George Esquiro Sr. | Melvin Jack | Jennie Jack | Fanny Smith | Ray Ward | Tina Jack | Marion O'Shea | Lester Jack | Rose Jack | Linda Ward | Helen Carlick | Mary Anderson | and so many more knowledge carriers who are still with us today.  

If you are a Taku River Tlingit Citizen, please request a login by emailing archives@gov.trtfn.com with your name & clan affiliation.  

If you have a private collection which you would like to share with future generations, please contact the Heritage team. 

Gunalchéesh ldaḵat ax̱ ḵoo at latóowux'.  Thank you all my teachers.